About Us

Qualipak is a industry leader of one-stop pharmaceutical production and packaging solution expert with more than 16 years’ industry experience. Qualipak main products include Capsule Filling Machine,Tablet Counting Line,Blister Packing Machine,Tube Filling Machine,Tablet Press Machine,Tablet Coating Machine,Bin Blender,High Shear Mixer Granulator, Fluid Bed Dryer,Suppository Filling Machine,Empty Capsule,etc.which have been widely applied in pharmaceutical,cosmtics,daily-chemial,food,beverage and other industries.

Qualipak will provide the best solution to you according to your actual product raw materials or process,layout requirements.For years,Qualipak has helped thousands of customer solved their process problems.

“Technological innovation” and “excellent quality” are always the target principles Qualipak adheres to.Qualipak also focus on products R&D while ensuring technology leadership and innovative features.All components and materials used in Qualipak machines and equipment are imported from Germany,U.S. and Japan and all these machines meet with GMP requirements and have CE certificate.

Qualipak can improve process test service for your best equipment choice.Customize and design best equipment which satisfied with your production requirements.As you knows only those who understand the process and know details can develop products that can do more than just sum of individual components.Qualipak will support in pharmaceutical,health product,food,cosmetic and fine chemical through its international innovative process solutions.

Qualipak customizes all documentation related to all its equipment,making it easier for the traning,machine installation,operation,performance and maintenance.Besides,Qualipak provides complete set of GMP documents including Qualifications(DQ,IQ,OQ,PQFAT,SAT,URS)manual documentation.

Qualipak regards customer as the God and promise service first.Team from Qualipak also have high passion for success of customer together.If you want to bring your pharmaceutical productivity to a new high level,let Qualipak help you boom and support your business right now.

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