Blister Packing-an unique way for tablets and capsules.

Qualipak offers various unique ways of blister packaging for tablets and capsules. Tablet or capsule of rigid and fixed size is placed into a rigid cavity and flexible lid material is stamped over it to complete the blister package.

The main machine for blister packing is blister packaging machine that is used to pack tablets, pills, capsules, granules or lozenge , sugar coated tablets, honey pills, injections, ampoules and also to pack different goods ,such as food,stationary,tools,etc.

The packaging materials used on the blister packaging machine can be AL/PL, PL/PL materials. Products packed by Qualipak blister packagng machine will have long shelf life, good sealing performance, beautiful appearance, safety and hygiene, conforming to the GMP production standards.

Cartoning machine provided by Qualipak is suitable for automatic packing of blister plate, small round bottle (tray), etc. The automatic feeding mechanism is easy to adjust, and the number of plates to be packed can be set arbitrarily on the operation screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are in pharmaceutical industry,there are many reasons that you should purchase a blister packing machine.A blister packaging machine will not only help you pack your tablets,pills,capsules,granules or lozenge but also will help you pack your various goods such as pens,pencils etc.
Blister packs will not only help you in transporting and distribution your drugs and medicines,moreover,you will get yoour product more appealing to your costomer as the beautiful designs of these packagings.But also blister packs will help your customer easily get the correct drugs and medicine and you will also get the correct information of the drugs and medicine through manufacturers name, price, date of manufacturing and expiry, dose or strength, ingredients, instructions for the use, child resistance requirements, storage etc.

Blister Packs are the ultimate aid in remembering to take medication at the prescribed times each day. If a Blister Pack is necessary, the G.P. will issue a “dispense weekly prescription” and instruct to the pharmacy to put the medication in a Weekly Blister Pack.

While getting your capsules,pills,tablets,granules,ampoule in blister packs,the most efficient way of packaging is using blister packaging machine. Blister packaging machine is driven by servo motor, with better accuracy, stable operation and convenient adjustment.DPP-260 Series blister packaging machine expect can packaging tablets,capsules,candy,also can packaging many big sizes products,such as electronic cigarettes,disposable syringes,perfume,tomato paste,soft capsules,big honey pills,injections,penicillin bottles and etc.It is a multi-purpose model of aluminium-plastic/paper-plastic and aluminium-aluminium and has the functions of automatic forming, feeding, sealing and servo traction.

Blister packaging is comprised of PET (polyethylene terephtalate) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic packaging. The rugged material used for blister packs makes them ideal for a wide range of applications, such as pharmaceuticals, electronic equipment, or toy products.

One of the most efficient way of sealing blister packs is heat sealing,which is inexpensive as it uses a small amount of material,and the coated back card of a heat seal blister offers a great advertising space.Heat sealing will mak eclear thermoformed plastic which provides an attractive and clear product display.And the heat sealing process makes this packaging uniquely tamper-resistant.Apart from that,heat sealing will easily customizable to fit the needs of your product,last but not the least ,heat sealing blisters are very strong and durable.