Vials Liquid

A vial is a small container usually made of glass or plastic. It may be shaped like a tube or bottle and have a flat bottom, unlike common blood collection tubes. Vials are available with various caps to meet specific storage or handling requirements.

Vials are typically used to store medicines or laboratory samples. Although vials are mainly found in the medical field, they are critical to the workflow in various settings, from law enforcement agencies to department stores.

Pharmaceutical vial filling machines perform a critical function in the pharmaceutical production chain: liquid filling into vials and bottles. Liquid vial filling is a delicate process. Pharmaceutical vial filling machines ensure volumetric consistency, reduce product loss, and feature built in quality control in the form of volume checking. Pharmaceutical vial filling machines are utilized in both sterile and non-sterile applications.

Qualipak offers various types of vial liquid filling machine include the vial filling machine,syrup filling machine,spray filling machine and eye drop filling machine,all these machines be customized according to customer technology and production requirement to make equipment upgrading.

Qualipak vial line consist of Washing, Sterilizing, Filling and Bunging, Sealing, Tray Collection, Inspection and Labelling machines to process powder and liquid in sterile conditions.The machines are fully automatic with easy and fast changeover procedures, requires minimum operator’s involvement and ensures optimum utilization of raw materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Qualipak automatic vial filling line consist of?

Qualipak automatic vial filling lines consist washing,sterilization,filling stoppering and labeling machine.All machines are integrated to work together as one complete system.Automation done to eleiminate human interventation in operations.These lines are also called as high speed vial production line or production scale vial filling line.

What are the advantages of Qualipak vial liquid filling machines?

You will get various benefits from Qualipak vial liquid filling machine including:

Risk Saving and Briefer Time to Market. Automation and compact risk as a uniform robotic solution generates what is defined as a virtuous cycle.You won’t have to design a new sterilized procedure with calibration. More control over the filling procedure generates the practice of advanced robotics.

Super Elastic. The Micro cell Vial Filler can fill encapsulated, Pre-sterilized ISO vials from 2R to 50R. Changeover and sanitization between products arises in as little as 15 minutes, which then allows you to fill various sizes quicker.

Through our new Dynamic Peristaltic Pump Vial filling is successfully achieved. 10 times enhancement in inconsistency is achieved through the pump in contrast to conservative peristaltic pumps.

Filling Elasticity. It can be conventional to seal with nozzles lowered to the lowermost of the containers. No-tool substitutions, of substantial heads or other mechanisms, can be skilled in 15 minutes.

Closing Elasticity. Shutting selections embrace full or lyo-depth stopper insertion , optional vacuum-assisted lid addition to decrease oxygen in the head space, and non-compulsory gas flushing.

Quality Control. Eight patterned weighing places approve fill precision. Examination structures check for mislaid or higher stoppers. The finishing position structures a servo-driven lateral systematic head to abate particulate group and exploit closing outcomes.

What is the filling volume of Qualipak vial liquid filling machine?

Aiapk vial filling machine is suitable for the filling volume of 2ml to 250ml with filling accuracy of ±1%.

How does Qualipak vial filling machine work?

The incoming dry vials (sterilized and siliconised) are fed through the in-feed turn table and suitably guided on the moving Stainless Steel slat conveyor belt at the required speed of the correct placement below filling unit.

The filling unit consists syringes & nozzles. Syringes are made of Stainless Steel 316L material for cGMP compliance. Vials stop below filling unit with centering of filling nozzles, during stoppage nozzles discharge pre determined liquid into vials. Duly filled vials delivered on stoppering unit which is mounted on same platform.

Stoppering Unit consist Bowl and Chute designed for desired stopper / bung size. Stoppers are stored in vibratory bowl and delivered to the vial through delivery chute. Vibratory bowl is equipped with special vibrator motor. Stoppers travel in vibratory bowl support guide through vibration. There is arrangement in the bowl in which wrong position stopper get rejected in travelling and only correct position of stopper get into chute. Further stoppers hold at delivery point of chute through spring which collected one by one by vial in traveling below the chute. Further there is one Stainless Steel 304 roller installed to press the stoppers. Vial transfer below the wheel in which get stoppered. Duly stoppered vials further move on conveyor & collected on out feed turn table (optional) or on to conveyor of vial aluminum cap sealing machine for cap sealing operations.

What quality standards does Qualipak vial filling machine confirm to ?

All Qualipak vial filling machine meet below quality standards:

cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

CE (Conformmit Europeenne)

ISO (International Organization of Standardization)

FDA (Food and Drug Authority)