Automatic Disposable Bowls Counting And Packing Machine | Pillow Packing Machine

Automatic Disposable Bowls Counting And Packing Machine | Pillow Packing Machine

This is a product of Qualipak food packaging production line, which adopts a number of production patents, including high speed American imported smart chip of the United States, with high measurement accuracy. This product is suitable for a variety of fields, including aviation tableware, restaurant tableware, etc...


The main performance and structure features

1.Control circuit uses high speed American imported smart chip , measurement precision, and with a touch- screen display , electrical fault auto-detection£¬simple operation , easy adjustment .

2.Mechanical formula function(memory function : reserving have been debugged procedure) , avoid that multiple packaging similar specification products may make it debugging repeatedly ,wasting material , saving more time to improve packing efficiency.

3. Wet tissue folding machinery and packaging machinery can isolated operation(both of one is closing , another one also can running any time)

4.Touch screen control tissue feeding ,not adjust by machine.

5.Using high-quality dual-frequency simple mechanical structure , easy maintenance , long life ,Iess wear and tear.

6.High-precision photoelctric detection tracking ,bi-directional automatic compensation ,accurate and reliable.

7.Bag length without manual configuration ,auto-detection equipment operation , automatically set.

8.Packing speed and bag length of the dual inverter control , stepless variablespeed , arbitrary adjustment range , with the former working procedure of production line a perfect match.


Machine Model


Packing Type Trilateral closure H Trilateral closure H
Packaging Film Thickness 0.018-0.06mm 18-60Micorn

0.018-0.06mm 18-60Micorn

Max Film Width 420mm 550mm
Bag Length 250-800mm 250-800mm
Packaging Width 80-180mm 100-260mm
Packaging Height ¡Ü120mm


Max. speed



Voltage/Total Power 220V/2.8kw 220V/3kw
Dimension 5800*900*1300mm 6000*1100*1300mm
Weight 680kg 850kg

Our Service

  • Through years of experience, Qualipak provides several services which cover almost all requirements of clients. These services include production, design, inspection, packaging, shipment, product recommendation, after-sales service,  and multiple client solutions.

  • We can supply m§Ñsk raw materials for you if you can’t buy materials from in your local market.

  • We have a good relationship with more than four international shipping companies who have rich experiences in handling different kinds of shipping ways and also the customs declarations and clearances. They all have good shipping services to save you time and costs.

  • We have a professional international technical team. To provide you with after-sales service and guidance.

After-sale Service

We will always be responsible for the machine you purchased. Nearly 10 professional after-sales personnel provide global technical services. In this way, we also provide professional services, such as guide installation services, equipment commissioning and operation services, maintenance services and equipment parts replacement. Ensure the quality of your products, while eliminating your worries.

  1. 1. The whole machine is guaranteed for 1 years.

  2. 2. Provide professional machine operation and maintenance guidelines.

  3. 4. Provide 24-hour online professional technical services .

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