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  • capsule polishing machine, capsule polisher and sorter ...

    Capsule Polishing Machine, Capsule Polisher and Sorter ...

    Capsule Polishing Machine. SaintyCo Capsule Polishers and Sorters are multifunctional machines that polish, sort and eliminate static charges. By rejecting loose pieces, fragments, ultra-lightweight or empty capsules, each capsule polisher and sorter machine guarantee seamless production process. SaintyCo capsule polishing machines come in different designs such as C&C100 Capsule Polisher, C&C100A Capsule Polishing Machine, C&C100C Uphill Capsule Polisher and C&C100CS Capsule Polishing ...

  • capsule polishing machine - aipak

    Capsule Polishing Machine - AIPAK

    YPJ-6 Vertical Automatic Capsule Pill Polishing Machine has achieved double functions of capsule polishing and elevating. Inlet of the machine can be connected with any model of capsule filling machine, and outlet with capsule sorter and metal detector, so that to realize the production line of capsule polishing, elevating, sorting and detecting.

  • what are capsule polishing and sorting machine used for?

    What Are Capsule Polishing and Sorting Machine Used for?

    What Are Capsule Polishing and Sorting Machine Used for? Pharmaceutical capsule polisher is a special polishing equipment for capsules and tablets. It can remove dust on the surface of capsules and tablets and improve the surface cleanliness. It is suitable for the production of various capsules and tablets in pharmaceutical industry.

  • capsule polishing and sorting machines, manual capsule ...

    Capsule Polishing And Sorting Machines, Manual Capsule ...

    Our company is engaged in manufacturing Capsule polishing cum Sorting Machine. The components used in capsule polishing machine are made of high grade steel. Main chamber of the system is made of quality approved stainless steel covered with nylon net. The capsules are inserted into the polishing chamber of the unit through feed hopper.

  • capsule polishing machine - ipharmachine

    Capsule Polishing Machine - IPharmachine

    Capsule Sorter & Polisher HSLC100. This machine is a kind of special equipment for pharmacy. It is driven by variable speed control, polish and clean powder on pills or tablets to get smooth products and meet hygiene standard of pharma industry. It is suitable for various kinds of pills and tablets. Add to cart.

  • capsule sorting machine: the ultimate guide - saintytec

    Capsule Sorting Machine: The Ultimate Guide - SaintyTec

    This is a machine for automated sorting of capsules based on weight and diameter. Capsule sorting machine The device allows for separation and automatic rejection of capsules having the following flaws: Assembly defect marked by a tear or pinch between the two segments, head and body, which forms the capsule.

  • capsule polishing and sorting machine - mym machinery

    Capsule polishing and sorting machine - MYM Machinery

    This capsule polisher and sorter is used to clean the capsules of their dust. It also makes it possible to sort empty or damaged capsules in order to respect the quality and hygiene constraints in force in the pharmaceutical and food sectors (GMP standards). This machine can connect directly to one of our capsule filling machines. Characteristics

  • pharmaceutical capsule polishing tablet press machine

    Pharmaceutical Capsule Polishing Tablet Press Machine

    Capsule Polishing Sorting Machine Pharmaceutical Auxillary For Capsule Filling Machine Certification STH products have excellent performance and work site environment are satisfied.

  • horizontal capsule sorting polishing machine for ...

    Horizontal Capsule Sorting Polishing Machine For ...

    High quality Horizontal Capsule Sorting Polishing Machine For Pharmaceutical Capsule filling factory from China, China's leading Horizontal Capsule Sorting Polishing Machine For Pharmaceutical Capsule filling product market, With strict quality control Pharmaceutical Auxiliary Equipment factories, Producing high quality Pharmaceutical Auxiliary Equipment products.