NJF-600C Hard Capsule Sealing Machine

NJF-600C Hard Capsule Sealing Machine

Hard Capsule Liquid Sealing Machine is an overview of our own research and development, a new hard capsule sealing equipment, and has independent intellectual property rights and a number of invention patents. The device can be applied to the sealing of the filled (liquid, granule, powder, etc.) hard capsules, so that the products are always sealed...


1. The equipment adopts man-machine interface control system.

2. The sealing mechanism adopts the servo motor lifting device, which can be used to jog and fine-tune the rubber wheel to achieve the best effect of the sealing layer.

3. The sealing liquid tank is designed as a sealing structure, and is equipped with a heating and heat preservation system to ensure the viscosity of the glue liquid and effectively extend the glue liquid circulation period.

4. The finished dry curing mold adopts hanging type and free rotation structure, which effectively improves the disassembly and unloading cleaning time.


Production output

 36,000 / hour

Adapt to capsule

00-4# gelatin, veggie capsule

Template die hole

e 6 holes

Sealing material

Powder, pellets, granules, liquid

Input power supply

Three-phase 380V/220V 50Hz

Total power


Switchboard weight



2800*900*1900mm (length * width * height)

Environmental requirements

20 °C or so (room temperature) humid ity 40% -55%

Machine Detail

Capsule Introduction Device

Capsule introduction mechanism, with capsule automatic guiding, optical fiber detection in the capsule plate, capsule high and low position to control the speed synchronization function between the host and the auxiliary machine in real time.

Sealing Gel Device

The lifting and sealing gel table adopts the servo motor control system and the sealed storage glue to effectively prevent the glue from evaporating in the air. There is no heat preservation device inside, the temperature can be adjusted, and the glue can reach the optimal sealing state. The double rubber wheel is used. The secondary gluing technology improves the complete sealing effect at the seal.

Drying System

After the sealing is completed, the capsule is introduced into the drying mold. During the air drying and solidification process, the capsule in the free hanging dry mold hole is always in a face-up state to make a snake-shaped reciprocating motion. Easy to disassemble in terms of mold size and cleaning.

Outlet Device

There are 12 equal-limit ring in the finished product discharge bin. When the dry mold moves to the limit ring, there is a free hanging type to become a fixed-clamp type, so that each unit dry mold rotates 360 degrees, and the finished product is exported to In the discharge bin, 6 blowing pipes are added to prevent the finished product from remaining in the mold.

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