PBL-400 High-speed Automatic production line for pre-filling needle ampoule cellophane bottles

PBL-400 High-speed Automatic production line for pre-filling needle ampoule cellophane bottles

Controlled by the PLC,the production line is collected light,machine ,electricity and air into an organic whole to finish alu/pvc blister packing and automatically pucker medicine leaflet and medicine paper box packing ,full-auto matically running in succession medicine's packages .This products has advancedself-examining funtion,can identify broke...


  1. Integrating stuffing ,bottling and boxing with compact structure and simple operation

  2. PLC programmable control,touch human-machine surface 

  3. Mold can be designed according to customer requirements



Punching Frequency

16-50times/min  1-4 plate /time 

Max forming area 


Adjustable scope of travel 


Packing Material

PVC should conform with GB5663 (0.15-0.5)x250mm.

Electric heating power


Specification of carboard case 

(65-210) x (33-85)x(16-70)mm (LxWxH)

Leaflet of medicine 

(100-190)x(100-260) mm (LxW£©

Cartoner speed 200-400box/min(according to the demensionand shape of plate)

380v  50hz

Packaging demensions 



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