Vacuum Homogenizer Emulsifier Mixer For Cosmetic Cream Manufacture

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  • vacuum emulsifying mixer , vacuum emulsifier homogenizer

    Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer , Vacuum Emulsifier Homogenizer

    Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifier is non-standard designed and manufactured according to customer’s production processing. It is suitable for materials requiring for being emulsified and mixed under vacuum condition. Low-speed scraper is optional for emulsifying and mixing high viscous materials.

  • vacuum homogenizer emulsifier mixer for cosmetic cream ...

    Vacuum Homogenizer Emulsifier Mixer for cosmetic cream ...

    15 rows · This is vacuum homgenizer mixer was also called vacuum emulsifier mixer .All the parts ... MODEL MAIN TANK VO…OIL TANK VOL…WATER TANK …HOMOGENIZER POWE… ZJR-250 250 160 130 4 ZJR-350 350 250 180 4 ZJR-500 500 350 300 11 ZJR-650 650 400 320 11 See all 15 rows on

  • vacuum emulsifier homogenizer mixers - ginhong

    Vacuum Emulsifier Homogenizer Mixers - Ginhong

    Vacuum Emulsifier Homogenizer. Ginhong is a professional vacuum emulsifier homogenizer machine supplier in China, our mixers widely used to make cream, ointment, lotion and emulsion in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. Follow the product links below to learn more about each Ginhong vacuum homogenizer emulsifier machine.Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins

  • cosmetic cream mixer machine , emulsifying homogenizing ...

    Cosmetic Cream mixer Machine , Emulsifying homogenizing ...

    We manufacturing of vacuum emulsifying homogenizer and high shear mixer for semi-solid/cream and Viscous liquids, Liquid/liquid and liquids/powder are the main application as per customer requirement . We also make horizontal ribbon mixers, V and Y, Double cone Blender machine for powders. We Export Machines in Following Countries: